“Tanungin ako”

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“I don’t want you to complete me. I just want you to comfort me when I’m sad, support me when i need, and listen to me when I talk.”
“Relationships are like broken glasses. It’s better to leave them broken than hurt yourself by trying to put the pieces back together.”
“Your heart is the beat, your words are the lyrics. No matter the place or the time, keep that music going because life is a song.”
“It’s the times we’re so crazy, that people think we’re high. It’s the times we laugh so hard, we can’t help but cry. =))”
“being with you is one of the greatest feelings in the world ♥”
“A relationship with no trust is like having a phone with no service, you just play games.”
“No one is born by accident, God created you for a reason.”
“Keep calm and carry on.”
“Dreams don’t work unless you do.”